About Us

Heather, Greg and Jonas Edelman (Farmers)

Heather and Greg have had farming as a part of their lives from the beginning.  Heather grew up on her parents dairy farm in Centre County, PA.  Greg spent many summer days throwing haybales on his uncle’s farm in Northampton, PA.  Drawing inspiration from the books Omnivore’s Dilemma and You Can Farm, they decided to start a farm of their own.

Duane & Carol Costenbader (Work Share Members)

Duane and Carol Costenbader are work-share CSA members. These lifelong Palmerton residents have two children and five grandchildren and enjoy traveling, flipping houses, and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and the Family Promise Program. Duane is a retired banker who also enjoys hunting and fishing, while Carole is a retired realtor who is an avid quilter. Both Carol and Duane list kale as their favorite Terra Fauna crop, with tomatoes and spaghetti squash following close behind.


Joyce Edelman (CSA Member Greeter / Farmhand)

Scott Edelman (CSA Member Greeter / Bee Keeper)

Joyce is a Northampton native, growing up on a dairy farm and spending a lot of time in the garden. She splits her day between being a hard working farmhand and a dedicated grandmother. Whenever she gets the chance, Joyce brings the family to her house at Lake Wallenpaupack in Hawley, Pennsylvania. Her favorite vegetable is the tomato, and she makes delicious tomato sauce every year!


Scott was introduced to the world of farming after meeting his wife Joyce. Scott has been interested in the science of bees for many years, and started beekeeping in 2014 with 4 hives. Now he has 15 hives! Scott believes that honey is not only delicious, but has rich nutritional and medicinal value as well. He takes great joy in greeting CSA members and sharing his love and knowledge of bees and food. 


Lead Farmer: Brian Sylstra
Apprentice Farmers: Brandy Moser, Nathan Santoro, Andeana Gonzales, Ally Getz


Brian Sylstra
Brian is currently in his fourth season as a full-time farmer with Terra Fauna. From Lower Nazareth, 
Brian has been organic gardening for 17+ years and organic vegetable farming since 2009.
He’s so passionate about sustainable, plant-based food production that in his spare time he runs
his own market garden called Ray of Sun Farm. 

Brandy Moser
This is Brandy’s third season with Terra Fauna. Brandy is a sophomore at Boston University double majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology and nutrition. When she’s not studying or gardening she likes be biking, hiking and stand-up paddle boarding! She also enjoys playing the guitar and doing yoga. 
Brandy likes farming because she loves working with plants and developing a unique relationship and perspective on food. Her favorite veggie is the zucchini and loves to cook/eat absolutely everything!

Nathan Santoro
This is Nate’s second season working at Terra Fauna. He is entering his junior year at Penn State,
majoring in Agriculture Science and minoring in agribusiness management. Nate enjoys farming
because he likes working with his hands, and working hard to provide quality produce for
CSA members.For fun Nate likes to go hunting, fishing and lifting weights. 

Andeana Gonzales
This is Andeana’s second year working at Terra Fauna.  She started organic farming because she wanted to work outdoors in nature. She wanted to get in touch with the earth to produce delicious vegetables that can be shared with her community and family. Andeana is a vegetarian and locavour and enjoys cooking with seasonal vegetables and discovering new recipes. She loves eating hot food! She enjoys cooking with hot peppers and pickling everything!
For fun Andeana likes to travel, hike, and roller skate. 

Ally Getz
Ally has been around farms her whole life. She has spent the last 6 years working in wineries all over, including New Zealand! Ally splits her time working outdoors with Terra Fauna and indoors at Big Creek Vineyards in Kresgeville. In her free time she creates and sells crafts under her business Phantom Limb Designs. She aims to discover more vegetarian recipes while working with organic vegetables, including making strawberry wine and tomato sauces.