CSA Details

Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is a unique partnership between producers and consumers.  Members purchase their share in advance of the season’s harvest in order to support the farmers’ costs of production.  The farmers pledge to do all that is possible to provide members with an abundance of the freshest and healthiest produce possible.  Both farmers and members are aware that nature and weather will ultimately influence the availability and amount of certain crops.  Realizing this we grow over 30 different vegetables and twice that many in varieties to ensure a successful harvest.  Every week throughout the season each member receives a “box” of that week’s harvest split amongst the members evenly. CSA members also have access to our pick your own (PYO) herb and flower garden.

Why Join?

Eat Healthy – We select which vegetables to grow with taste as one of the most important factors.  We do not grow for “qualities” like shipability.  It is easy to eat healthy when the food is delicious.  It’s awesome hearing stories from members on what new vegetables they have discovered from our CSA that they just love.  Parents also tell us how amazed they are at what vegetables their children now suddenly love to eat.  There is no debate…. eating organically grown, nutrient dense, farm fresh food is good for your health!

Save Money – For each share, when running a cost comparison to the local grocery store, members are saving a lot of money at our farm.  Over the course of our 23 week season it adds up to hundreds of dollars saved.  And this is on top of the fact that our produce is harvested fresh and given directly to you skipping the middleman.

Join a Food Community – Each week members have the opportunity to visit the farm.  Pick some fresh herbs,  pick a bouquet of flowers, share a story of a triumph in the kitchen, share a recipe idea, or chat it up with Joyce and Scott under the “pick up pavillion”!  Members are encouraged to join our private Facebook group TFF Community.  We also write a weekly blog during the season to inform members on what to expect in each share.

CSA Options

We offer multiple CSA options ranging from the full 23 week season to as little as 4 weeks. New for the 2021 season, we will be offering a Peak Season Share running from June-August. Explore our options and if you have any question please check out our FAQ Page or email us at terrafaunafarmpa@gmail.com.

Where to pick up your CSA

Location: 8141 Valley View Rd Northampton PA 18067

You will see a long driveway with a Terra Fauna Farm sign. When you come down the driveway you will come to a pavilion,  which is where we set up CSA pickup.


Upon purchase of a CSA, you will choose the day you would like to pick up for the duration of your CSA share.  Pick up options available for the 2021 season include Tuesdays 1-7PM and Thursdays 1-7PM.


Herb & Flower Garden 

All CSA share members have access to the pick you own (PYO) herb and flower garden when you come to pick up your share.

We have an extensive list of herbs and flowers that are in the PYO garden, with each variety labeled by a wooden sign.


Our Partners

At CSA pickup under the pavilion, we have multiple products for sale from our partnering farmers and our very own “Pappy’s Bees” honey.


We have honey from our very own “Pappy’s Bees.” We typically offer both fall and spring honey.


We have a variety of dairy products from Conebella Farms including cheese, yogurt, yogurt smoothies, and butter.


We have a variety of coffee (ground & whole bean) from Four Monkey’s Coffee Roaster in Kutztown, Pa.

Maple Syrup

We get our syrup from a fellow beekeeper at Augusta Acres Farm in Beach Lake, PA.


We partner with Misty Valley Farms for a mix of colorful eggs and the Eyre Family Farm for brown eggs.


We get our pork and beef from Gerhard farms in Kempton, PA. They raise Angus, Hereford, and Simmental cattle that are free of both hormones and antibiotics.

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