Tight white papery skins surround 4-6 large cloves per head of garlic. The garlic plant also produces the curly stalks in loose coils called scapes, which are flavorful as well. This type stores very well!
Georgian Fire
The white paper surrounding cloves has purple blotches. Bulbs can be much larger than Music garlic, and have a stronger flavor, though not too intense, so you can eat them raw!

Garlic bulbs are dried before distributed in the CSA or boxes, which makes them keep in a dark area in open air for up to 8 weeks. Do not refrigerate unless you have broken the bulb, in which case it can be refrigerated for a short time.
Garlic can be roasted in the oven, which makes the cloves soft and mild. It can also be minced and added to numerous recipes at your own discretion and love of garlic.
Pretty much everything edible! Basil, beans, broccoli, cabbage, cheese, chicken, eggplant, fennel, lamb, lemon, leeks, lentils, lime, mushrooms, olive oil, onions, pasta, parsley, potatoes, salad, soy sauce, steak, tomatoes and vinegar.
What to do with garlic scapes here:
7 Things to Do with Garlic Scapes
How to Roast Garlic in the Oven
Rub roasted garlic on chicken after cooking, use on a bread as spread, or add to a roasted veggie like asparagus with lemon and a pinch of salt.


Dutch Yellow
Shallots have a similar flavor to onions but less overpowering. Chunky yellow bulbs can grow as big as a small onion as well.

Store the same as onions in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area out of the way of light.
Caramelized or roasted with vegetables like an onion, finely chopped in vinaigrettes, added to nearly any savory dish.
Balsamic vinegar, butter, capers, chicken, chives, cream, fish, garlic, lemon juice, meats, mustard, oysters, parsley, salads
Vinaigrettes, garnishes
Roasted potatoes and shallots
Mashed turnips with crispy shallots



Looks like a tall onion with less of a bulb. Grows dense white medium-length stalk with blue-green leaves.

Place in a plastic bag and refrigerate. Wash immediately before use.
To freeze: Wash and slice. Blanch by placing in boiling water for two minutes, then placing in ice water. Place in airtight container and freeze.
Pan-fried in recipes like a spring onion. Flavor is more delicate than a white onion, but offers more than a spring onion.
Mushrooms, bacon, butter, garlic, chicken.
A scrumptious mushroom & leek galette here! Simplify by using your favorite pie crust recipe.
Or use in place of onions in any recipe.


Yellow-skinned medium-sized onions are round with thin necks and very sweet in flavor.
Rossa Di Milano
Red Italian storage onion is shaped like a buttercup squash without the button.
These onions are shaped like flattened spheres with shiny golden skin and are quite sweet. Called the “quintessential boiling and braising onion.”
White Wing
White onion that is moderately sweet and pungent. Bulbs are almost perfectly round and can weigh up to one pound!
Red Marble
These flat red onions have dark red rings well into the center of the onion. They have shiny red skins, and keep well.

Onions can store well indoors when kept properly dry for 10-12 months. Store them in mesh bags, a basket, or a cardboard box with holes in it in a place as cool as possible and away from light. Cut onions can be placed in an airtight container and refrigerated.
Yellow onions are the best type to cook with, while red onions are best raw when sliced thinly in salads or on burgers. White onions can also be eaten raw in salsas or chutneys.
Basil, oregano, sage, tarragon, thyme, chicken, garlic, beef, peppers
Excellent in soups, stir-fries and grilled with other summer veggies.
Pickled red onions
Caramelized onion dip