And just like that Summer is here! This week starts off the CSA season and the sun and heat have arrived just in time to give our crops a little push to the harvest time. The first share of the season will look like this:


Lettuce Mix

Broccoli Raab





Baby Red Beets


Yokatta Na

If this is going to be your first year with us here is a little more information on share pick days:

The CSA harvest will be set up under the pavilion in a farm market style where you will be able to pack your own share according to the limits we have set for each item and according to what you would like. You do not have to take home anything you know you will not use. We do encourage you to try new things though! For example this week we have Yokatta Na in the share. This Asian green is great raw in salad mixes or cooked in stir-fries and lacks the “bite” found in a lot of other Asian greens. If you like “bite” you will like our Arugula!

For each share we try to meet and in most cases exceed what would be the weekly value… Half shares being $400/23weeks = $17.39 and Full shares being $700/23 = $30.43

If there is something in the share that you would like to have more of, let us know. There is a chance we do have more and can sell to you at a market price.

There is also the herb and flower garden to help yourself to each week. We ask that you only pick the herbs that you will use for the week and once we have flowers in another month or so that you pick one bouquet. For the first week there are 3 herbs to pick from Sage, Oregano and Chives, which have edible blossoms right now that you can pick and use in many creative ways

In addition to the CSA share, each week there will be items from other farms you can purchase. We now stock a freezer filled with the meats from Calaboga Grazing, The Nesting Box is providing us with cage free brown eggs, Augusta Acres has their pure wood fired maple syrup here, Four Monkeys is supplying us with freshly roasted coffee beans, and Pappy’s Bees honey that is coming straight from our own hives! Coming soon we will also have dairy products from Conebella Farm.

Share pick up time is from 1-7PM. If you are running late, call or text Greg at 610-392-6267. We clean everything up at 7, so set a reminder if you have to! If there is a week or weeks you cannot make it to the farm on your chosen day, you can switch from a Tuesday to a Friday or vice versa. If you will miss the entire week, a friend can pick up your share for you. Just let us know in advance! We do not allow doubling up on one week because you forgot to pick up and missed the prior week.

Bring along a box or grocery bags to pack your own share. We do have plastic grocery bags if you forget. We also can provide you a reusable and washable plastic produce box for your CSA share. For these. we ask a $10 deposit. You may opt to keep the box all season long and return it at the end of October and you will receive your $10 back.

Also, as a friendly reminder, balances are due at the first share pick up. We are flexible though and can arrange a monthly or quarterly payment plan.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

If you like to participate in social medias, we are on instagram and facebook.  We also have a private facebook group at TFF Community that you can ask to join and I can then accept you as a member. Here you can participate yourself with pictures, recipes or anything else TFF related.

Thanks for signing up this year! If you have any friends that are interested we can still take on new members throughout the year at a prorated cost.

See you this week!!!



And these guys will see you the next week  😉