Let’s get this season started!  We have persevered through this challenging Spring and it’s exciting to start it all up again.  We have a great farm crew back for this season with lots of familiar faces and we’re all excited to see everyone.

In the share for the opening week will be:

Lettuce mix – a special selection of red, green, and bronze lettuce varieties from our favorite seed supplier Fedco

Green garlic – young garlic without the bulbs.  You can use the entire plant in dishes – – raw or cooked

Rhubarb – if you’re not sure what to do with rhubarb, try making a simple syrup with it for anything from flavoring drinks to topping ice cream

Radish – two types to choose from colorful round Easter Egg or the elongated heirloom variety French Breakfast

Turnips – we grow the Hakurei Turnip,  a smaller turnip with a sweeter flavor

Asparagus – one of the first things we start to harvest every Spring, and what a Spring it was!

Yokatta Na – Asian green that can be used raw or in stir fries.  We trialed it 3 years ago and it quickly became a CSA member favorite!

Kale – Red or Green, your choice!

Another choice:  Spinach or Arugula

In the cut your own herbs and flower garden we have sage, oregano, thyme, chives, mint, chamomile, and lemon balm that can be cut.  Please only cut what you will use for the week.  Also, we will have snips here if you need to use them.  We do encourage everyone to bring their own as well.  The flowers will be blooming in 3 or so more weeks, so until then we will have to patiently watch them grow!

In addition to the CSA shares, we will have eggs, maple syrup, honey, yogurt, cheese, and coffee available for purchase.  Payments can be made with cash, check, paypal, or venmo.

We will have someone assisting with parking for at least the first week.  Children are always welcome to our farm.  We just ask that they stay under supervision while here.  We are also asking everyone to wear a mask while under the pavilion.

Share pick up time is from 1 – 7.  If you have trouble getting here by 7 just call/text me at 610-392-6267.  We can always let a share out in a cooler for you.  Also, so you don’t forget to pick up your share… set a reminder on your phone!  If you miss a week, we do not allow doubling up on the following week.

I think that about does it!  If anyone has any questions let me know.

See you soon