August is here and I guess that means it’s the “dog days” of Summer, but the weekend almost felt a little more Fall-like actually.  We had very nice and crisp weather Saturday morning for our first ever Yoga at the farm event.  We are hoping to do this again sometime in October, perhaps around Columbus Day weekend.  In CSA share news, the melons are ripening by the dozen every day!  This week we will have cantaloupe and sensation melons available to choose from.  The cantaloupe is the variety called “True Love” that we grew last year and won a vote by the CSA members by a very narrow margin over Sugar Cube.  The vote though was so close we are growing both varieties again!  The Sugar Cubes should be ready as the True Love melons fade away.  The Sensation melons are new for most.  They are a unique, hard to find melon that I am sure not many farmers grow.  Their flavor has the potential to be just absolutely delectable and is described in the seed catalog as “Complex, with haunting hints of hazelnut, amaretto and cinnamon” Despite the challenges of growing them, I will every year I can find the seed.  I just love them!

Also, new in the share this week and maybe just a tad less exciting then the melons, are yellow onions.  We harvested a wonderful crop of onions this year and the CSA shares will reap the rewards.  These mild flavored onions will store well into December.  Still out in the field is another variety of yellow onion that will store well into March!

The complete list of the share:

Melon ( choice of Sensation or Cantaloupe )

Yellow Onion

Tomatoes ( heirloom, red slicers, + pick your own cherry )

Peppers ( Green Bell, Yellow-Green Bell, Poblano, Jalapeno, Cayenne, Hungarian Hot Wax )


Cucumbers ( last week for them )

Choice Table with Eggplant, Okra, Tomatillo, Zucchini, New Potatoes, & Beans