The eagerly anticipated seedless watermelon will be in the CSA shares this week.  It is the second year we have grown these and once again they are absolutely delicious.  What little skepticism I had left about the taste of seedless watermelon is now all gone after two years of great results.  On Friday we were a little worried about the rainy forecast over the weekend so we decided we better harvest some.  It was hot, it was humid and we were suffering….  so I cut one of them open and what a refresher that was for the crew!

We also have started picking the 2nd rotation of beans which consists of two varieties.   We’ll have haricot vert which are a more slender, filet type with a succulent flavor and very tender.  We’ll also have dragon tongue bean’s which are on the other end of the spectrum with thick, crisp and amazingly juicy pods.

One other new item this week will be the delicata squash.  These are smaller then most of the other winter squash and the skins are “delicate” enough that they are completely edible after roasting.  A very sweet and nutty tasting squash!

The CSA share:

Seedless Watermelon


Delicata Squash

Sweet Peppers


Choice Table:

Fingerling Potatoes, Okra, Kale, Onions, Hot Peppers, Tomatoes, Mini Cantaloupe, Tomatillos