We are excited to be able to include our very own apples in the CSA shares this week!  This is our first time picking the apples from these trees and they were loaded!!


No spray, no chemicals, no nothing used on these!  It could very well be beginner’s luck, and we sure won’t expect every year to be so bountiful,  but we’re very thankful for this beautiful harvest.   The red ones are so delicious for fresh eating and the green ones are great for baking.

And because we have apples in the share this week I thought it would make for a good week to harvest the celeriac.  This gnarly vegetable pairs well with a few things, but I especially love it roasted with apples and topped with some bacon and maple syrup!

A before and after picture of the celeriac fresh out of the ground and after we trimmed a few of the “gnarly” roots off.   Also called celery root, you will want to scrub it well, then trim the top and bottom with a sharp knife. Peel the skin with a vegetable peeler, then use a knife to trim any recessed or pocked parts of the root.  From there, use it accordingly to your recipe… sauteed, pureed, sliced, or roasted.

And despite this forecast of mid 80’s and humid, we’re in Fall mode right now so we’ll also have the butternut squash in the shares this week as well!  Here’s the complete rundown:

Russet Potatoes

Kale / maybe choice Collard Greens




Butternut Squash

Choice Table:

Cherry Tomatoes





maybe more…