Who’s ready for Fall?!?  I might be that season’s biggest cheerleader right now.  Autumn is officially going to start this week and the long range forecast does have some “good working weather” type days included so that’s a plus!  We have some pretty hard labor jobs coming up and the cooler weather will be welcome.  This past Saturday we started to dig out the Sweet Potatoes and they were pretty darn nice thankfully which helped keep morale up as we worked through the heat and humidity. 

The sweet potatoes are planted in a “new to us” field we call the Sutliff field, appropriately named for it’s owners.  Real or imagined, but it seemed to me that the farm crew always dreaded to hear me say the words “let’s head over to the Sutliff field” this year!  I guess it seemed like every time we needed to work in that field the weather was brutally hot and the weeds were outta control!  Despite the challenges, we have had some pretty nice harvests over there… the seedless watermelon, the delicata & kabocha squash, the leeks and new for this week the sweet potatoes and the 2nd round of spaghetti squash.  Great job farm crew!!

While the sweet potatoes were being dug on Saturday,  Pappy and some of his helping hands were busy taking some of honey off of the beehives.  For those of you who have been eagerly waiting for the robust flavored, darker colored honey, we will now have some jarred up and ready for sale under the pavilion! 

The rundown of the CSA list this week:

Sweet Potatoes

Spaghetti Squash

Butternut Squash

Baking Apples


Red Beets

Mesclun/Lettuce Mix

Choice Table