Quite a strange bit of weather we’re having for late May, but the veggies are soaking up the rain and loving it.  And while it’s certainly not great weather for the strawberries, we started picking them late last week and it looks to me like we’ll have enough for this week’s share.  The strawberries we grow are an older variety that has the most important quality, the best taste.  We don’t grow the strawberries based on how well they ship across the country and we certainly don’t grow the enormous ones that taste like cardboard!

Also in the share this week will be rhubarb, which pairs well with strawberries but I’ve also had it in savory dishes paired with pork, in chutneys, and as a simple syrup.

The greens are loving the cooler weather and the share is chock full of them again.

Yokatta Na, Kale, Lettuce, and a limited amount of Spinach is back

New this week we also have Swiss Chard which has a bitterness to it raw, but once cooked is more mild and sweet.   Heather and Jonas joined me on the crop walk this evening and we really were in awe of the beautiful colors in the swiss chard patch.

The Radishes will be back for a 2nd week and will be joined by another root vegetable, Turnips!  The turnips we grow are a Japanese variety called hakurei.  They are smaller and mild enough to eat raw, but also roast well.

Finally, we’ll also have Kohlrabi in the share this week  Kohlrabi is a a very versatile veggie to use.   Peel it, slice, julienne or grate it into your salad or slaw for a great crunch and a fresh but slightly spicy flavor. It also can be cooked — boiled, steamed, sauteed, roasted or fried.

I want to stress that members should not feel obligated to take everything that is allotted to them in each week’s share.  We don’t want you to go home feeling overwhelmed!  As the farmer, I like to plant alot of different things in case of crop failures.  When everything turns out well, I like to pass that along to you but I also don’t want to overwhelm anyone!  I encourage everyone to try new things but certainly won’t be offended if you do not take something!

We had a very smooth and enjoyable first week of pick ups.  I know we had a few hiccups with the newsletter that I think we now have fixed.  It should go out to all members before Tuesday and if you no longer want to receive it in your email, there will be an unsubscribe button.  If you need ideas or inspiration on what to do with the CSA share you can find that in the newsletter or on our TFF Community facebook page.

Also, welcome this week to all our Peak Season share members!

See you soon,