While the season is winding down, we still have a couple new varieties of crops to share with everyone this week, Norwis Potatoes and Red Cabbage.  The Norwis potatoes are excellent for french fries, baking, or mashing.  We sort of stumbled into this variety when a different potato we had grown in the past was unavailable for 2021.   After trying it with lunch this afternoon, I’d say we found a keeper!

We also have a couple items back in the share for week 22 of the CSA that we had way back in late May for week 1 in Arugula and French Breakfast Radishes.   These are both pretty peppery in taste.   I think we’ll have Daikon Radishes as well where we can give members an either/or choice at the radish station.

The share this week:

French Breakfast Radish / Daikon Radish

Norwis Potatoes

Red Cabbage

Butternut Squash / Spaghetti Squash


Yokatta Na



Choice Table with: Beans, Peppers, Collards, Popcorn, Broccolini and more

Also be sure to check out the updated “extras” board this week if you want to stock up on anything for winter.

French Breakfast Radishes peaking out under their covers and wishing you good morning!


Garlic for the 2022 season all broken down into cloves and ready to plant!