Looks like we are back to the cooler weather for a while.  The broccoli crop is appreciating it and the 2nd variety is now reaching harvest stage.  We also have good news for the strawberry lovers! This week we will have them included in the share once again.  The picking has certainly peaked out, but there will still be enough for a third and final week of berries for the 2021 season.   While the strawberries much rather prefer the heat and drier conditions, we have had a great year in that department with lots and lots of compliments and remarks about how good the berries have been which we love to hear!  The rundown of the CSA will look like this:




Red Beets


Garlic Scapes

Head of Green Lettuce

Head of Red Romaine

There is a chance we will also have Cauliflower and/or Peas.  It was really tough for me to tell if we’ll have enough so I’m staying non-committal!

Big news this week regarding a partner farm for meats.  We have partnered up with Gerhard Farms https://www.gerhardfarms.com/ A family owned and operated farm in Kempton, PA.

They have delivered a whole bunch of beef and pork raised with their own non-GMO grains and pastures.  The freezer is now stocked to the brim with hamburger, steaks, roasts, sausage, chops, and bacon!  You can buy a little at a time or if you want to pre place a larger order to stock up your freezer you can let us know as and we will have it ready for you.

Also, the PYO herb and flower garden is really starting to produce now.  We try to keep a staff member out there to help answer questions and act as a guide.  We also have a page on our website found here:  https://www.terrafaunafarm.com/pyo-garden/  This is just chock full of information on each herb and how to properly cut them so the plant can regrow with new growth for future cuttings.  Please do not cut the entire plant at the base!

Some of the flowers however can be cut towards the base.  We have a planting of Stock, which is a one cut flower and is blooming now.  We also have a one cut variety of Sunflower which is very close to blooming.   Once these have been cut and the blooms are over we will replant this area up with a succession of Dill and Cilantro, which by the way is ready to be cut this week and it bolts fast so get it now!!