The big news for the CSA shares this week is that the sweet corn is now ready.

After a walk through the rows and a little taste test last Thursday, we decided we better start to harvest it.  So, we will make sure we even out the score as the season goes on and Tuesday members will receive sweet corn one week when Thursday does not.  It’s tough sometimes for certain crops like sweet corn that do not hold well out in the field and have to be picked as soon as they are ready.   But, we’re keeping score and we’ll even it out!

The share this week will consist of:

Sweet Corn

New Potatoes




Cherry Tomatoes

Choice of Scapes or Scallions



very possibly Bell Peppers & Green Beans as well!

We were able to get the garlic harvested and into the greenhouse to start curing last Thursday.  The garlic cloves were planted last October and 9 months later… voila… garlic bulbs!

These will cure for 2 weeks and then will be distributed out into CSA shares as the season rolls along.  As soon as they come out of the greenhouse, the onions will go in to beging their curing process!