Welcome to the 2022 CSA at Terra Fauna Farm.  It has been another crazy offseason for just about all of Earth.  We are feeling blessed to be back once again this year growing vegetables, herbs and flowers for you and your families!  The Spring weather has thrown a lot of different variables at us.  As I’m sure you’re all aware, right now it is crazy hot, we’ve also dealt with a lot of wind, a late freeze, and some torrential rains.  Adding it all up, things are running a week or even two behind some of the past years.  But we have just enough to start the season on time.  The first share of the year will include:

Asparagus – the emergence of these tasty stems kicks off the harvest season at our farm every year!

Kale – 3 types to choose from – curly green, curly purple or flat leaf Tuscan type

Spinach – bunches of nutrition!

Butterhead Lettuce  – Buttery, sweet leaves!

Yokatta Na – Asian greens that can be used raw or popular in stir fries.

Green Garlic – young garlic without the bulbs.  You can use most of the entire plant in dishes – – raw or cooked

The radishes, arugula, turnips, and red beets are still a little bit too small to include this week but are otherwise looking very nice!  The strawberry patch was freshly weeded last week and there are tons of flowers and green berries soaking up this sun so it won’t be long for them as well.





If this is going to be your first year with us here is a little more information on share pick days:

The CSA harvest will be set up under the pavilion in a farm market style where you will be able to pack your own share according to the limits we have set for each item and according to what you would like. You do not have to take home anything you know you will not use. We do encourage you to try new things though! For example this week we have Yokatta Na in the share. This Asian green is great raw in salad mixes or cooked in stir-fries and lacks the “bite” found in a lot of other Asian greens.

For each share we try to meet and in most cases exceed what would be the weekly value… Half shares being $500/23weeks = $21.74 and Full shares being $700/23 = $39.13

If there is something in the share that you would like to have more of, let us know. There is a chance we do have more and can sell to you at a market price.

There is also the herb and flower garden to help yourself to each week. We ask that you only pick the herbs that you will use for the week and pick one bouquet.  For the flowers it starts off a little slow.  This week the irises are in bloom as well as the stock.  For the herb garden we have mint, sage, chive flowers, winter savory, oregano, rosemary, and chamomile available at the moment.  You’ll see signs labeling each one.

In addition to the CSA share, each week there will be items from other Pennsylvania farms you can purchase. We stock a freezer filled with the meats from Gerhard Farms, Misty Valley Farm is providing us with organic cage free eggs, Augusta Acres has their pure wood fired maple syrup here, Four Monkeys is supplying us with freshly roasted coffee beans, there will be greek yogurt, yogurt smoothies, and cheeses from Conebella Farm, and in July we will have Pappy’s Bees honey from our own hives!  For those members that have signed up for a mushroom share from Keystone Mycology we will have those available for you here as well.  Due to the popularity of these shares, we may or may not have extra mushrooms for sale.

Our address is: 8141 Valley View Rd Northampton PA

The farm is down a long driveway and hard to see from the road.  There is a small wooden sign with our farm name next the driveway to help you spot it.

There will be a crew member assisting with parking the first week or two until everyone becomes familiar with the farm and the routine.  Bring along a box or grocery bags to pack your own share.  Children are always welcome to our farm.  We just ask that they stay under supervision while here.

Share pick up time is from 1 – 7.  If you have trouble getting here by 7 just call/text me at 610-392-6267.  We can always let a share out in a cooler for you.  Also, so you don’t forget to pick up your share… set a reminder on your phone!  If you miss a week, we are unable to double you up on the following week.  Also, as a friendly reminder, balances are due at the first share pick up. We are flexible though and can arrange a monthly or quarterly payment plan.

If you have any questions let me know!

Thank you,