It’s a scorcher.  And it’s dry.  But we’re still smiling  🙂   The harvests continue to be bountiful and the CSA shares will reflect that.  This week the shares will include:

Sweet Corn




Cherry Tomatoes


Sensation Melon










With all this goodness packed into one share it’s a bad week to forget your bags or boxes.  You might even want to bring an extra one!

This first round of watermelon for the year will have seeds.  We should (fingers crossed) have another round of watermelon around Labor Day that will be seedless.  We’re doing all we can to keep it irrigated and happy because watermelon is certainly one of the favorites.

This week we will also have sweet frying peppers in the shares.  They are a fierce looking red pepper, but I promise you and members who have been here for prior years can certainly attest to the fact that they are very sweet!

The tomatoes are in full stride right now and if you are someone who enjoys putting away the Summer’s bounty for later use we will have half bushels of Amish Paste tomatoes available for $25.  It is best to let me know in advance when you would like to pick up the bulk amount of tomatoes.  There is also now Pick Your Own cherry tomatoes in the row above the Sunflowers.   We to dehydrate these for use all winter!






Celosia looking quite brilliant!