We finally caught one of those isolated thunderstorms last week and the farm received some much needed rain.  It seemed like all of July we were irrigating and it’s nice to take a little break from that routine.  I think we may even get a nice amount of rain tonight which is still sorely needed with how dry the ground had been and also with the forecast of very hot temperatures later on this week.  Thankfully we’ll still have melons in the share to cool you off.  I know I’ve eaten more then my fair share after a long hot day in the sun!  This actually won’t be the last week of melons though.  They should return towards the end of August when we’ll have a different variety of cantaloupe and a seedless watermelon as well if all goes to plan.

Joining the melons in the share we’ll have

Tomatoes –   also taking bulk orders for 1/2 bushels @ $25

Cherry Tomatoes – PYO patch is prolific and is located above the Sunflowers

Sweet Peppers – Bells and/or Red frying types

Hot Peppers – jalapeno, hungarian wax, & maybe poblano

Summer Squash/Zucchini/Patty Pan

Garlic – great harvest this year of nice big bulbs,  we’ll have them in the CSA shares sporadically from now until the end of the year.  They will also be available for purchase.

Purple Viking Potatoes – Deep purple and pink splashed skin with a bright white flesh that is perfect for baking or mashes!

Tuesday members will also receive Sweet Corn to even it up with Thursday members

We’ll also have a choice table as well with okra, carrots, kale, chard, and more!

Also, this week only… we will have fresh, unfrozen chicken available for purchase.  It will be sold as whole birds, breasts, thighs, or wings.  After this week if there is any left, we will freeze them and they will still be available to purchase at CSA pickup until we’re sold out.

The long wait for the Asters to bloom is over!


Look for them in the flower garden as well as these delicate Ammi