Week 12 marks the halfway point of the CSA season.  Congratulations, we made it!  I’m joking a little, but it does seem like a bit of an uphill climb at times especially when it’s really hot and dry.  Also, I’m aware that being a CSA member can be daunting at times as well!   But we have a lot of really popular Fall season crops growing yet and as well as quite a few good tastes of Summer and there is a lot to be excited about in the second half of the season.  This week we have in the share:

Spaghetti Squash – a good stand-in for pasta and goes well with a lot of other veggies

White Onion & Yellow Onions – another fantastic crop of onions this year!

Tomatoes – cherry, heirloom, traditional red slicers, & paste types   We’re still in the thick of it all

Tomatillos – The plants have rejuvenated and we should have enough for everyone one last time this week

Hot Peppers – poblano, jalapeno, hungarian wax, and a new red cherry type

Sweet Peppers – heirloom red frying type and/or bell types as well

Purple Viking Potatoes – where else are you going to find purple and pink skinned potatoes!

Summer Squash / Zucchini – somebody stop us!!  lol


With this being week 12 of the regular CSA, that means there is only 2 weeks left for the “Peak Season Share” members.  This is our 12 week long program that members started with their first pick up a week later then the entire season members did.  If you decide to stay on with the CSA until the end of the October, you still can join at $205 for a half share or $386 for a full share.   If you are unsure of what you even signed up for, let me know!  Hey, it happens!!