Week 13 signifies the final week for our “Peak Season” share members.  It is also the final week for a couple of our farmhands,  Alexa and Jarod,  who are headed back to college.  Thank you to all for your support!  The Summer is starting to have that “almost over” feeling to it. I even had to break out the hoodie sweatshirt for the early mornings this weekend.  I didn’t mind it one bit… now if it would only rain!

The hot and dry weather really pushed the sweet corn along and our final planting is ready to pick a week earlier then expected.  This variety is called Honey and Pearl and as you might have guessed is a bi-color type.  I sampled one raw out in the field…  pretty darn good I’d say!

Also, our 2nd and final planting of cantaloupe is starting to be harvested as well.  This is a new variety for us this year called Home Run.  It certainly has a tough act to follow!  After we had the deluge of rain a couple Friday’s ago, the cantaloupe and tomatoes were cracking from the sudden excess of water.  Kind of adding insult to injury now when we are right back to being really dry.  We’ll keep on doing the best we can!

The list:

Sweet Corn


Spaghetti Squash

Hot Peppers

Sweet Peppers

Yellow Onions

White Onions



Zucchini / Squash

Substitute:  Okra , Tomatillos, Cucumber  –  In lieu of a choice item, we’ll have these as a substitute item.   For example, if you would rather skip the hot peppers, you can take one of these instead.

Also,  this variety of sweet corn is showing up with quite a few cobs that have “corn smut”, a distant relative of mushrooms.  If there are an members interested in this I can pick some for you.  It is apparently a delicacy according to some!  Just let me know in advance of your share pick up.

And because we need to close out the blog on a slightly more prettier sight here is a picture of the Asters  😉

Followed by perhaps a new helper who wanted to try his wings out and plant some vegetables