Made it to September!  Certain jobs are the farm are winding down.  We had our last big run with the water wheel transplanter this past week planting kohlrabi, lettuce, & kale and now all but the last rotation of lettuce is planted and then we will be done planting for 2022.  There is alot of work to be done yet though harvesting some of these Fall crops.  We have been harvesting potatoes off and on since July.  We’re now down to the last 5 rows of Russet potatoes.  These are our good storing potatoes that will keep well into the new year for you if you need them to.  We’ll have them in the share this week and there will be opportunity to purchase them in bulk before the end of the year if you’re interested in having some for the winter.  Also new in the share this week will be the Dragon Tongue beans.  These beans have a juicy and crispy crunch to them when eaten raw and they go well in a salad.  They also are nice and tender cooked, but they will lose their cool purple striping!  We have been doing a lot of bean picking lately, here’s a before we get started picture with nice smiles…

Two other new items in the share this week as we inch closer to Fall.   We’ll have the kabocha squash included.  These can be described as kind of like a cross between a pumpkin and a sweet potato.  They have a sweet, earthy flavor and are perfect for roasting, steaming, stuffing, and pureeing.   And we’ll start to get back into the leafy greens now.  We’ll kick off these with one we did not have back in Spring, that being Collard Greens.

The CSA share will look like:

Filet Green Beans

Dragon Tongue Beans

Collard Greens

Kabocha Squash

Russet Potatoes



Choice Table