Lots of new items in the CSA shares this week as it begins to feel more and more like Fall.  Not only has the temperature cooled off, but we are also getting some rainy days mixed in.  The veggies are really growing and it’s shaping up to be a nice Fall harvest.  The late Summer bean crop is producing like no other and we will continue to have haricot vert as well as Dragon Tongue beans included in the share. They will be joined with:

Butternut Squash

Carnival Acorn Squash

Mesclun Mix – a blend of spicy greens and lettuce

Golden Beets

Onions &

A choice table with tomatoes, peppers, okra, and more

The golden beets we planted right in the middle of a heat wave with no rain in site.  We diligently kept them irrigated and it looks like it has paid off.  They have beautiful green tops as well as nice roots!   They can be used just as a red beet,  but you will find the flavor to be just a little different!  We will have baby red beets in the shares soon as well.



The carnival acorn squash pictured above doubles as a nice decoration for your countertop!  These store well for months as do the butternut squash which are also in the share this week.