With plenty of moisture in the ground and now the heat creeping in, the veggies are really starting to grow.  This week we have a few new items for the CSA shares as well as a few that return for week 2.  The share will comprise of:

Kale or Swiss Chard – your choice!  we’ll have our 3 varieties of kale as well as our colorful Swiss Chard.  If you can’t decide we’ll have plenty available to purchase as well

Arugula – delicate, peppery greens to add a little kick to your dish!

Radish – two types to choose from colorful round Easter Egg or the elongated heirloom variety French Breakfast

Lettuce – Heads of lettuce  2 for full shares and 1 for half shares this week.  We are aiming to have lettuce in the shares until the heat of July makes it too hard to grow.

Spinach – the last week for Spinach until late Fall!

Yokatta Na- same as the Spinach for this tasty & hard to find anywhere else gem!

Turnips – Little Salad Turnips from Japan called hakurei, these have a crisp, delicious raw flavor accompanied with tasty greens.

Rhubarb – Pairs well with strawberries which we just might have this week as well!  They are ripening fast but can they ripen up fast enough?!?!?!

Welcome this week to all our 12 week long Peak Season share members!

I want to stress that members should not feel obligated to take everything that is allotted to them in each week’s share.  We don’t want you to go home feeling overwhelmed!  As the farmer, I like to plant a lot of different things in case of crop failures.  When everything turns out well, I like to pass that along to you but I also don’t want to overwhelm anyone!  I encourage everyone to try new things but certainly won’t be offended if you do not take something! If you need ideas or inspiration on what to do with the CSA share you can find that in the newsletter or perhaps on our TFF Community facebook page.

Farm work will continue at a pretty rampant pace this week.  We have 1500 sweet potato plants to get in the ground.  The strawberry plants for next year will also be arriving sometime this week.  The weeds continue to grow and now we are harvesting as well!  Thankfully, we have a fantastic crew this year.  Check out their profiles here! https://www.terrafaunafarm.com/about-us/