October is here and although we don’t have any pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin spice martinis we do have lots of pumpkins and other decorative gourds, cornstalks and even mums to help decorate for the season!  The pumpkins, gourds and cornstalks will be part of the CSA shares.  The mums we are getting in from Misty Valley Farm and will be available as an additional purchase.   We will have plenty of vegetables as well to go along with the decorations.  This week the Yokatta Na is back.  I believe we had it in a couple of the CSA shares at the very beginning of the season.  In case you do not remember or were not a member at that time, you can use it either raw in salad mixes or cooked in stir-fries. The green tender leaves, though flavorful, lack the mustard “bite” found in many other Asian greens.  Also in the share this week will be:

Heads of lettuce


Sweet Potatoes

Red Beets


and a large choice table including:


Swiss Chard

Collard Greens





and more

This rainy and windy weather has put a delay on us decorating the pavilion so I have to use a picture from last year!  Hopefully we see that Fall sunshine again soon.






Just beware of the children of the broom corn!