We’re right in the thick of strawberry season now and it’s shaping up to be a very productive one.   The berries are hanging heavy and the weather forecast is favorable this week so it looks like we’ll have plenty for the CSA shares as well as extras if you are looking to freeze or can some jelly.  If you are interested in a flat of 8 quarts for $60 let me know and we’ll make sure to set it aside.

A stroll around the farm this morning left me with a rather daunting list of tasks that need to be done, but we also have a nice list of new crops ready to pick for the CSA!  Joining the strawberries will be:

Kohlrabi – Peel it, slice, julienne or grate it into your salad or slaw for a great crunch and a fresh but slightly spicy flavor. It also can be cooked — boiled, steamed, sauteed, roasted or fried.  A hard to find and quite versatile vegetable!

Garlic Scapes – the pointed, immature flower bud of a garlic plant.  We snip these off so the plant puts forth all its energy into making a bigger bulb.  The scapes can be cut up like a scallion into any dish you would like to add some garlic flavor to.  Also popular in pesto.

Snow Peas – great for stir fries or raw in a salad, these are the flat type pea with an edible “shell”

Red Beets – beautiful crop with very nice greens you can use as well

Butterhead Lettuce –  sweet, tender crunch!

Radishes – for a spicy crunch!


Kale – curly or tuscan types.  The flat tuscan is slightly thinner and more tender than curly kale, making it more versatile—it cooks more quickly and requires less massaging for use in raw preparations.

Veggie art with this week’s new CSA items!




zucchini hanging 3, 4, sometimes 5 to a plant thanks to great pollination from Pappy’s bees!