This week will be the grand finale for our strawberry patch.  We planted it in 2020 and it has treated us well, but it will soon be time to till it under.  We recently planted a new patch on the other side of the farm that will serve as our source of strawberries for 2023 and 2024!

Joining the strawberries this week in the CSA shares will be:

Snow Peas – just picked a big basket full and the plants are still flowering yet!

Romaine Lettuce – nice looking Red and/or Green heads to choose from

Broccoli – The broccoli heads are a tad bit small, but they are the first to come ready.  We do have two other varieties growing and they look promising!

Kohlrabi – last week for kohlrabi until late Fall!  Pairs well with the beets….

Red Beets –

Zucchini – the first week of hopefully many more to come for green zucchini

Swiss Chard / Kale – your choice!

A little morning dew on the Pink Brandywine tomatoes, which are looking quite nice!

Joyce and I taking direction on what to do here in the watermelon field from Jonas!

The cilantro, dill, thyme, parsley and 3 different varieties of basil are now mature enough to cut in the herb garden.  I also noticed that the zinnias, sunflowers, and daisies have started to bloom.   So hopefully everyone has a little extra time to spend in the pick your own gardens this week!