To help ease the sting of having no more strawberries till 2023, we’re going to keep things sweet this week.  Thanks to Pappy and his bees we will have a teddy bear full of honey included in this week’s CSA shares.  This is also a gift of appreciation and thanks to all our members who are supporting us this year!

There will also be jars of honey for sale at the CSA pick up area from now on as well!

As for the vegetable side of things,  here is the list for this week:

Sugar Snap Peas – entirely edible, snap the tops, pull the “string” down and pop in mouth for another sweet treat!

Cabbage –  Little round heads with a spicy flavor raw,  that becomes mild and buttery when cooked

Romaine or Butterhead lettuce – last week for the Romaine until Fall.

Hakurei Turnips or Red Beets – your choice of roots!

Cucumbers – looks like a very promising year for the cucumber patch.  We have a traditional green and another type called Silver Slicer.  Both are crunchy and crisp!

Zucchini – here again we have a traditional green and if you want to try something a little different we have a Cousa Squash which is Mid-East variety with a sweet, nutty flavor

Garlic Scapes – these store well in the fridge in case you were wondering 😉

A couple maybes as well with Broccoli and Shell Peas.    They are both coming in but I’m not sure we’ll have enough yet for this week.

With the basil coming in now it’s important to harvest it properly.  Watch this video for proper technique in harvesting basil!

More and more flowers each week now!  If you’re looking for a little filler for your bouquet, look to the celosia patch for little splashes of colorful reds, yellows, and orange.  If you want something a little green in your bouquet, check out the dianthus patch where we have these fun little guys…


Happy harvesting!