Summer is officially here and the heat has definitely cranked up!  Certainly not a bad thing for the veggies.  Tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, and a host of others are loving this good moisture followed up with some higher temperatures.  We’ll have to wait a few more weeks for them but we’re excited for the last few of the cooler weather loving crops that are coming into harvest for this week.

Shell Peas are here!

With these, you will want to remove the peas from their shell.  A fun project to do with the kids or just to zen out for a bit by yourself!

It’s also exciting to start harvesting those labor intensive carrots this time of year!

After a little test dig and inspection they were deemed ready to go.

They’ll be joined in the CSA shares with

Butterhead Lettuce

Sugar Snap Peas





and maybe Cauliflower which is ripening at an uneven rate and we may have to divide up the harvest over a couple weeks.

The Nasturtiums are also blooming right now and their leaves, flowers, and seedpods have a peppery, almost mustard-like taste, which makes them lovely as a garnish in salads.

For that matter, the entire flower and herb garden is really starting to hit it’s stride.  There are only a few more flowers left to start blooming (asters & dahlias come to mind).  The first planting of cilantro has just started to bolt this weekend.  It’s a big beautiful patch, so don’t be shy to stock up.  There will be about 2 weeks yet before the 2nd patch of cilantro is ready for picking.

And as we run into the thick of outdoor grilling season, keep in mind we have a freezer full of pork and beef from Gerhard Farms!