Mother Nature has given us three straight days with no rain and the race is on!  Well, not really, but it has given us the opportunity to do some things we’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  We dug all of our garlic and shallots, dug up some of our onions, prepped some ground for fall crops, got the weeds under control (not really under control but at least they aren’t in a full on riot anymore)Hopefully we can dig potatoes this week in ground that is not pure mud either!  The crops sure seem to be happier too!  The share this week:

Zucchini – We are past our peak production but they are still prolific

Cucumbers –  Took them awhile, but they are gaining steam and really starting to roll in

Carrots – These will continue to size up each week, hopefully we have enough to last while!  One of our plantings was swallowed up by weeds.  We will be planting more for the fall.

Shallots – We lost quite a few onions in a greenhouse mishap in early spring (they cooked)  But we have a bumper crop of shallots to help make up for it thankfully!

Garlic – We will continue to include a bulb or two of garlic in the share each week.  This week the garlic is still uncured and not meant for long storage. 

Tomatoes – We’ll kick start tomato season with Sun Gold cherry tomatoes.  A Delectable treat!

Tomatillo – looks like a tomato, sounds like a tomato, definitely not a tomato though.  New for a lot of people I’m going to guess… check out our description here:

Potatoes – Magic Molly fingerlings,  can you guess what color they are?  Deep purple throughout!  Boil, braise, dice, a very versatile fingerling developed in Alaska!

Savoy Cabbage –  Despite the rough appearance, the leaves of a savoy cabbage are tender and ideal for salads, veggie wraps, or as a bed for rice, fish or other dishes.

Sweet Bell Peppers  

Herbs: Parsley, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Basil, Oregano, Chives, Mint

Flowers are just starting to bloom and you may cut a few stems each if you like!

Have a great week,