I saw it coming a mile away and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  We are going to experience an avalanche of tomatoes!  Despite the fact that we ordered tomatoes that have a spaced out “days to maturity” number, they are all ripening at once.  We will have plenty of slicers, cherries, and paste tomatoes for everyone to take home.  If you would like to purchase a bulk amount for canning let us know and we will have it ready for you whenever you wish.  We will be selling 1/2 bushels of Amish Paste tomatoes for $20.  This is roughly $1 per pound.

In the share this week we will be welcoming back two veggies.  The first one is kohlrabi, but not just any kohlrabi… Gigante Kohlrabi.  It is a Czech heirloom that grows very large without getting woody.  We have some whoppers to hand out, so I hope everyone is hungry for some.

The other veggie we are welcoming back are the beans.  It’s been a couple of weeks of no beans and they have flowered again and the beans are hanging full.  Our farmhands, Rachel and Jaclyn, sure were glad to picking beans once again before they head back to college!  😉 

CSA list

Garlic –  Music

Melon – Galia

Eggplant – Galine & Ping Tung

Tomatoes – Sungold, Cherry Sweetie, Tiffen Mennonite, Ruby Gold, Green Zebra, and Amish Paste

Kohlrabi – Gigante

Swiss Chard/Kale 

Sweet Peppers –  Jimmy Nardello’s

Hot Peppers – Jalepeno or Hungarian

Potatoes – Purple Viking

Beans –  Provider (green) or Concador (yellow)

Cucumbers – Marketmore

Don’t forget to pick the flowers before Jonas gets them all!


Have a great week