The barn may be falling over, those leaves may cause an itchy rash, the slate roof is more holy than righteous, but she’s a pretty thing to look at right now!

The garden’s glory days of summer sure are a thing of the past though now.  The 12 foot tall okra has lost alot of it’s lustrous leaves and flowers, the once 7 foot tall tomatoes plants have been reduced to a viney mat, the sea of squash leaves are withered and yellow… To change this “look”,  I have my hopes pinned to a small tractor coming up for auction that will help me turn the garden over for a refreshing cover crop of rye.  If I strike out at the auction, I am lucky enough to have a couple of neighbors with some larger equipment that may be willing to help out.  Either way, we have grown past the size where my trusty Troy-Bilt rototiller can handle it all.  Actually it probably can, it’s is more likely yours truly cannot…  I want something I can sit on!  

We still harvest by hand though!  There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty in the Earth.

This week look for:

Lettuce Mix

Head of Romaine


Sweet Peppers

Sweet Potatoes


Kale/Swiss Chard

Dragon Beans

Onions (yellow italian heirloom Dorata di Parma makes an excellent storage onion)

Squash (Patty Pan, Green Zucchini, or Acorn)

Here is a great beet recipe link submitted by CSA member Clare.

Is this really October?!?