Garlic is in the share this week.  We grew two types of garlic this year.  The first one everyone will receive is called Georgia Fire.  Appropriately named, it originated in the Republic of Georgia and has a rich, robust flavor along with some real heat… but not too much….  just the right amount in our humble opinion.  Next week, everyone will receive Music Garlic.  Interestingly,  Music garlic was named after the gentleman who brought it across the pond from Italy, Al Music.  Actually, that’s kind of a let down… I was hoping it had some type of  musical qualities to it.  Alas, it is no letdown in flavor.  The big, beautiful cloves are easy to peel, store up to 6 months, are mildly hot with a musky rich taste and have high levels of allicin, which is a powerful antioxidant.  Thanks Al!

We also will have melons in the share for the first time this year.  We grew a new to us type melon called a Galia melon.  It is a cross between a honeydew and a cantaloupe.  It’s juicy, semi- sweet, and for the first melons of the year tastes pretty darn good. 

And the tomatoes are finally turning from green to red.  I picked a dozen or so today and we should have enough on Tuesday for everyone.  Also we will definitely have enough of those little orange sun gold tomatoes that taste just out of this world.


Here is the complete rundown of the CSA week 12 I do believe. The true mid summer, mid CSA marker.

Tomatoes – Sungold and Tiffen Mennonite

Garlic – Georgia Fire

Bell Pepper – King of the North

Jalepeno Pepper

Cucumbers – Marketmore

Zucchini – 8 ball or Sunburst Patty Pan

Potatoes – Purple Viking ( very versatile, very tasty,  bake, mash, roast, etc)

Swiss Chard (back from the hail damage)  or Kale

Galia Melon

Eggplant – Galine(purple)  Ping Tung (Asian long)

Have a great week!