The bees have had a tremendously successful Spring harvest this year and we were able to extract some of their extra supply.  We were able to harvest honey in July for the first time since my Dad started beekeeping two years ago.  Generally, bees will need to survive over winter in order for them to gather enough honey for a July harvest.  This is no small task these days due to the prevalent use of pesticides, herbicides, & fungicides, not only by farmers but by homeowners as well.  The “cides” are brought back into the hives where they build up to toxic levels for the bees and their colonies collapse.  This year though a few hives made it through the winter and we even had a great harvest from one of the hives that was just started in the Spring.   I think it was no coincidence that the bees had a lot of flowers to choose from with no chemicals on them!  The honey is a lot lighter in color then it was in the fall.   It is a mild tasting honey.  We will have some for sale at our farm when you pick up your CSA shares. 

1 lb is $8.00

2 lb is $15.00

We also have another bountiful harvest of veggies for everyone this week.




Red Beets or Okra

New Red Potatoes



Sweet Peppers

Swiss Chard


Herbs & Flowers