The names and faces are going to change just a bit at Terra Fauna Farm.  School’s are back in session, high school sports begin practicing, and yet the harvest must go on!  We need to thank Jaclyn, Stephanie, Barb, Robbie, & Callia for all the hard work they put in this summer.   We still have a lot of heavy items to bring in from the field…  5 types of winter squash, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, and one more round of watermelons.  I hope the new crew has strong backs! 

While the faces are changing, the share this week looks quite the same.  I dug up a few plants of sweet potatoes and they could still use some more time in the ground to size up.  We have some winter squash, i.e. butternut, that is real close to harvest time.  The new planting of swiss chard is looking real nice but still a week or two away.  Their are quite a few good things still to come this fall… our favorite season!

CSA share


Dragon Beans





Spaghetti Squash



Flowers & Herbs