Well that was some heat wave!  I am glad it’s going to be over soon, but it was good at ripening up the melon patch fast!   For this week we have two types of melons for the share.  The first watermelon of the season is a torpedo shaped yellow variety named Gold Flower.  We grew these last year for the first time and were impressed with how well they held up in the muddy conditions they were in.  Well, here we are once again…. second verse, same as the first!  It’s looking like another good crop.  The other melon that is ready to pick is called a Galia melon.

These I struggle with every year whether to continue to grow.  In a dry year they grow very nice and durable.  In a wet year like this, they split or crack before reaching full flavor.  It’s a risk I always seem to take because when the flavor is on point, they are exquisite.  It’s that risk/reward thing I keep on chasing!   We have a few more varieties of melons planted this year so this is just the start.   Lots to look forward to if your a melon lover.

Also happening right in the middle of this heat wave was our Spring/Summer honey harvest.  Pappy along with his grandsons Brock and Jonas put on their bee suits in the 90 + degrees and took enough honey off the hives for everyone to enjoy. The harvest was a few weeks later then it has traditionally been and the color and taste variations of this honey are really splendid.  I think we will be able to have tastings too.  And if you really want something out of this world, you have to try the cut comb honey!

If you are not a member or know someone who would like to purchase honey, anyone is invited to stop in at the farm Tuesday or Friday from 1-7pm.

Lots of summer goodness in this week’s CSA share including:

Sweet Corn

Cherry Tomatoes

Slicing Tomatoes






Galia Melon


maybe more…

Also PYO herbs and Flowers