The CSA share has a couple of new looks on some traditional vegetables this week.  The heirloom sweet red frying peppers that we have been growing the past few years are now starting to be picked.  Although the red color is fierce looking, these elongated peppers are extremely sweet!  We are also growing a heirloom Armenian type cucumber that dates back to the 15th century and they are just starting to be picked along with our second rotation of the traditional green cucumbers and the creamy white silver slicers which are looking very healthy this time around.

And the third little twist on a traditional vegetable we have is our patty pan squash.

We have decided to pick these at a small size this year and pint them up since we have such a plethora of the traditional type.  The frying peppers, Armenian cucumbers, and patty pan squash will all be paired up with their traditional type brethren so it will be your choice if you’d like to give them a try!

The CSA share this week:


Sweet Peppers

Summer Squash/Zucchini – the green type is slowly fading away for the year 2020… just an FYI in case you want to load up

Tomatoes – no fading away here just yet!

Sweet Corn – the 3rd week for sweet corn and then it will be about a month and we’ll have one last rotation

Cucumbers – the 2nd wave has come in just in time!

New Potatoes – little red skinned potatoes we had in the share a couple weeks ago

Big Choice Selection:

Half shares pick 2, Full Shares pick 4




Celery – new!

Hot Peppers

Beans – green or yellow

Okra – Heather made our family an okra stew last night that was delicious and posted the recipe on our TFF Community page on Facebook.

Herbs and Flowers – we tilled up the old sweet pea bed and replanted cilantro and sunflowers for the Fall.  Please be careful not to step in the freshly tilled up area!  It is pretty easy to step over it though.  We did not go real wide with the bed width.


The farm crew brought in a huge harvest of onions in the heat last week and we’re excited to include them in the share soon as well as our watermelon which are looking very nice!  We taste tested one and while it was good, we decided to let them go one more week to be sure!

Always something to look forward to!!