Looks like the theme this week will be water.  There will be lots of it falling from the sky and and we have some big juicy red watermelon in the CSA share for everyone as well.  With the tropical weather event forecasted to be over us on Tuesday we are going to postpone the pickup till Wednesday with the same hours of 1-7.  Picking up a CSA share during 3 inches of blowing rain, while possible, is not an enjoyable experience!  If Wednesday does not work for you, we will gladly work with you to get your share to you this week.  Just let me know what time will work best for you.  We will also be set up as usual on Thursday from 1-7 as well.

The CSA share this week will consist of a few new items!

Spaghetti Squash – noodle like inside, a nice alternative to pasta

White Onions – mild, thick and juicy!

Harvest Moon Potatoes – purple skins, yellow flesh:  great for baking

Sweet Peppers – Frying and Bells

Summer Squash / Zucchini

Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes – sauce makers reserve your 1/2 bushel of paste tomatoes now!!

Cucumbers – the new patch is extremely prolific,  we will have them available to purchase in bulk quantity if interested

Watermelon – we have seeded ones to start and we’ll have some seedless ones a few weeks later as well!  Let us know which you prefer after you try them both!