A beautiful day today with just a touch of an Autumn feel to it sure was a nice break in the middle of August!  We had transplanted some red beets and scallions last week in the middle of the heat and they sure welcomed the cool, cloudy weather as well.  The CSA share is still chock full of the tastes of Summer though!  This week we will have enough cantaloupe for everyone to take one.   Additionally, if you just can’t get enough watermelon we still have a few of the seeded ones left as well that you can add on to your share from the choice selection.  The CSA share will look like this:


Red Onions – the final color onion we grew this year.  Next week will be your choice yellow, red, or white!

Fingerling Potatoes – austrian crescent variety that is excellent roasted

Peppers – 2 types of frying, 5 types of hot, and bell peppers to choose from

Tomatoes – large and medium slicers, garden peach plum sized, and pick your own cherries once again

Summer Squash – yellow squash and patty pan

Okra – loves the heat and is thriving this year!

Cucumbers – starting to slow just a bit, if you are thinking of pickles this might be your last chance to grab a peck

Choice Table with Italian Eggplant, Asian Eggplant, Swiss Chard, Cherry Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Watermelon

Herbs & Flowers

Thank you everyone for completing the half way of the season survey!  We had a fantastic response rate along with some fantastic reviews and suggestions.  It’s a great morale booster in the depths of August!!  We look like we are set up to have a great second half of the season as long as mother nature cooperates at least a little 😉