Summer is winding down and I can see the end of the line is nearing for quite a few of our crops.  We’ve had a good year though of zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc and it will be exciting to start to see the transition in the CSA shares over to the Fall crops like lettuce, winter squash, sweet potatoes to name a few.   For this week though we are excited to have our last rotation of sweet corn in the share!  A month or so ago I was actually getting a little sweet corned out, but it sure did taste good today when I had some.

The sweet peppers are really having a productive year and they look like they will continue to be included in the share for awhile.   We are growing two types of heirloom frying peppers and their popularity with everyone is growing as well!  The thicker one is called Marconi and the long slender one is called Jimmy Nardello. 

These fierce red peppers are incredibly sweet and are great to snack on raw, or included in stir fries, and especially fried!   I think we may have enough this week to have them as a stand alone option apart from the bell and hot peppers.

The CSA share this week will include:

Sweet Corn


Melon – cantaloupe or sensation  The weather is cooperating for a nice harvest this round!

Onions – choice of red, yellow, & white

Tomatoes – fading fast 🙁  We did plant a little 2nd rotation this year which looks nice though.  Wish we planted more!

Summer Squash – under heavy disease and pest pressure now.  Maybe 1 week left after this.

Cucumbers – production is slowing down fast. Enjoy them while they last!

Choice Table

We have started to harvest the winter squash and will continue that this upcoming week.  It looks to be quite bountiful!   We will start to include them in the share next week.  Also upcoming next week will be our seedless watermelon and most likely our green beans/dragon tongue beans will be ready for picking as well.  So much to look forward to yet!