The tastes of Summer are slowly fading away from the CSA shares.  This week we suddenly find ourselves with out slicing tomatoes.  I guess that was a fast fade not a slow fade.  It’s surprising to say the least.  We aren’t going to mow them down yet this week though maybe just because i need some time to believe it’s true that they are done for!  On the bright side of things, there still looks to be a good amount of cherry tomatoes out there  🙂

So with the end of the season for some of our summer crops, we will start to welcome in more and more of the Fall favorites.  This week we will have Kabocha Squash and Delicata Squash in the shares.  Here is a picture of the delicata squash.

There is no need to peel this squash.  As the name implies, it’s skin is very thin.  It is most common to roast, but can also be sauteed or steamed.  The other squash, kabocha, is also known as a japanese pumpkin.  It is very sweet with a rich nutty flavor, stores well and can be used many ways.  Recipes to follow soon!

Another taste from Asia for this week’s share is the Red Noodle Bean.  Our seed supplier Fedco describes it as “an intriguing Asian specialty whose strong unique indescribable flavor is brought out best by dry-frying in a hot wok with peanut oil, garlic and tamari.”

Here is the complete list for this week’s share:

Cherry Tomatoes

Dragon Tongue Beans

Delicata Squash

Kabocha Squash

Harvest Moon Potatoes

Sweet Frying Peppers

Hot Peppers

Asian Noodle Beans


Choice of Swiss Chard, Asian Eggplant or Okra