Melon mania continues on this week with the arrival of the much anticipated seedless watermelon.  I have been stubborn as a mule about growing them despite a number of requests.  I gave in and decided to give them a whirl this year and by the looks and taste of them we have success!  What started out to be a tough year for melons has turned into a very nice year.  The cantaloupe taste contest is still open for voting on our Facebook page.   We have had quite a lot of positive feedback for the True Love cantaloupe which was the bigger and smoother one.  The Sugar Cube cantaloupe, which is smaller with a rougher netting on its skin, certainly has garnered some very positive feedback as well.   Our family had the taste off on Saturday night and it was a very tough decision indeed!!  Fortunately, we have more Sugar Cube Cantaloupe in the share this week and we can ponder our choice some more!













The CSA share this week will be:

Seedless Watermelon

Sugar Cube Melon


Fingerling Potatoes

Green Beans – surprised us last week by ripening in time for Tuesday

Dragon Tongue Beans – thick, crisp & juicy beans are delicious raw or cooked













still managing a little smile after picking beans 😉

Sweet Corn

Kale – Curly Green is looking good and ready to pick again

Choice Table with summer squash, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, &  maybe tomatoes.   Our tomatoes have come to a crashing halt. We might have enough but I’ll list them as a choice.   We have a newer planting that has green ones hanging pretty heavy.