This week we will once again have quite a unique CSA share for everyone to try something new.  Last week we had brussels sprouts in the share for the first time in quite a few years and this week we will have parsnips back in the share  after a couple years away.  These are closely related to carrots and parsley and they can be eated raw but are best roasted.  We will have a recipe post to follow up the blog for these.

We also will have some new greens in the share as well.  Collard Greens are ready for picking and I believe we will start to pick our mesclun mix too.  It’s exciting to start getting back into the cool weather loving crops!

We are also back into the sunflowers.  We planted a couple new varieties and they have some beautiful blooms right now.  The flower garden is starting to fizzle out a bit so hopefully these can brighten up the bouquets for the last few weeks of the season!

The CSA share will look like this:

Russet Potatoes –  the best long storage potatoes we grow.  No rush to use them!

Garlic – last chance to grab some for this year.  The remaining bulbs we will break into cloves and plant for next year’s crop

Mesclun Mix –  exciting to have some spicy salad greens again

Parsnips – sweet and earthy taste of fall

Noodle Beans or Dragon Tongue Beans – real producers this year!

Collard Greens – a staple in the south, prepare similar to spinach or kale.  Also popular used as wraps!

Spaghetti Squash – another excellent producer this year for us!

Acorn Squash – best winter squash to stuff with rice, meat, and vegtabe mixtures.  Also great drizzled with some of Augusta Acres maple syrup

Choice Table :  Peppers, Okra, Tomatoes