With the last week of Summer coming up, our CSA shares are looking full on Fall flavors so bring on the cool weather!  Unfortunately though, not according to the weatherman for this week.  It sounds like the high temperatures will be mostly in the 80’s.   We harvested about half of the dry beans last week and ran them through the sheller.  This year we gave a new variety called Tiger Eye a try.  Here’s looking at you…

The second variety we have is called Maine Sunset and they will be in the share in a couple weeks after they dry down a bit more.  The last bean we have out in the field to harvest is our Lima beans and they should be ready to pick soon too.  It was a great year for beans of all types… Green, Yellow, Dragon Tongue, Haricot Vert, Red Noodle, Tiger Eye, Maine Sunset, and Lima.

The digging of the sweet potatoes started today.  Good news and bad news… first the good –  yields are terrific!  then the bad –  we have alot of work to do now!  Lol  Here is a picture from today from one plant.

1 down,  999 to go!  Or something close to that.

While we were busy this weekend at the farm tending to the fields, Joyce and Scott (i.e. Pappy of Pappy’s Bees) were busy with the honey harvest.  I’ve been told that the harvest was excellent and we will have some really tasty, darker colored Fall honey for sale this week starting on Tuesday.

Here is the share for this week:

Dry Beans

Sweet Potatoes


Red Beets

Kale or Collard Greens

Delicata Squash

Butternut Squash



Choice Table