The Fall crops continue to be brought in from the fields and the weather for them has been just gorgeous.  Sunny, Dry and breezy conditions are giving us ample time to get our sweet potatoes dug, our winter squash harvested, and our bumper crop of dry beans is half picked.  We started shelling them with a mechanical sheller this weekend and the results look nice!

This variety is called Jacob’s Cattle. It is a plump kidney bean with white and reddish-brown specks, said to have earned its name from its resemblance to Hereford Cattle.  Jacob’s Cattle Bean is described as fruity, rich, and nutty. They are dense and meaty in texture, holding their shape well under long cooking times and maintaining their distinctive flavor even with heavy seasoning. For this reason, the bean is often utilized in soups and stews.  We have two other varieties of gorgeous kidney beans yet to harvest that will be included in a later CSA share!  All of these have a long storage life.

Also new in the share this week will be Celeriac, which sometimes is known as Celery Root.   This type of celery grows into a bulbous root that can be intimidating upon first glance but is easy to prepare. To peel it safely, cut off the top and bottom and stand it on a cutting board. Next, peel off the knobby, brown skin with a knife.  Wash it and it’s ready to use.  Recipes will follow!

Members may have noticed that our peppers are showing more and more color.  I wanted to share a little bit more about the poblano peppers we have.

They are ripening into a brownish deep red color now and are perfect for drying.  Once dried, instead of being called dried poblano peppers, they are called ancho peppers.  This effectively preserves the peppers, giving them much longer kitchen life.  You can then keep them stored in your cupboard where they can easily be retrieved for adding flavor to any number of recipes, from soup and stews to salsas and sauces. The peppers are known for their rich smoky quality, with sweet to moderate heat.  Here is a helpful link on how to dry peppers!

The CSA share this week:


Dry Beans


Lettuce/Mesclun Mix


Butternut Squash

Sweet Potatoes


Choice: Kabocha or Delicata