Happy October!  This week for CSA pickup we will have the pavilion set up a little festively to help set the Autumn mood.   We will have a few different types of pumpkins and small gourds set up for members to pick from and decorate with themselves.  It’s become a tradition for our CSA.  One of those things that started out very small, and once we realized how much everyone enjoyed it, we expanded on it.  This year however our decorative corn was a failure.  We do have plenty of broom corn stalks though for decorating with!


We have a few new items in the share as well.

Tiger Eye Dry Beans, White Sweet Potatoes, and Daikon Radishes are some different variations on their more traditional cousins.  The daikon radish are milder and larger then the radishes we had back in May and can be used in many ways.  Cooked or raw, the possibilities are somewhat endless!



The Tiger Eye Dry Beans are beautiful to look at and good to eat!

The list of items in the CSA will be:


Tiger Eye Beans

White Sweet Potatoes


Daikon Radish


Kale or Braising Mix

and a large Choice Table!

Pappy was very busy this weekend and he extracted some more of the Fall honey.  Pappy said we are very well stocked with some of the most delectable honey he has ever tasted!   We have many different sized jars in stock now, 5 lb, 2 lb, 1 lb, and the 1/2 lb honey bears.