We’ll continue the pumpkin theme this week with two of the good eating varieties, the Neck pumpkin and the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin.   Both of them are heirlooms that date back into the 1800s.  The Long Island Cheese Pumpkin gets its name from the region it was first grown in and its resemblance to a cheese wheel.  They are both fantastic for pumpkin pies and they each will store for you very well into the next few months.

Member’s will have a choice this week between them.

We will also have one last variety of corn this week,  popcorn!  I haven’t tested the moisture content of it out yet.  But it’s been harvested and the past month has been rather dry so I think it will be in good condition for using.  Here is a link on how to make your own stove top popcorn.


And one last new item this week will be brussels sprouts.  One of my favorites to eat and one of the most challenging crops to grow it seems for me!  We hope to have about a pint for everyone!

The CSA share will look like this:


Yokatta Na  – back again!  a bok choy like asian green we had in the early season shares


Neck Pumpkin / Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

Romaine Lettuce

Brussels Sprouts

Daikon Radish

Winter Squash choice table

Other Choice table