The vegetables continue to roll in here with 2 weeks left to go.  With the hard frost on Saturday morning we are going to say goodbye to okra, eggplant, & tomatoes but at the same time say hello to the carrots and red beets.



The carrots were planted back in August and then things turned rather dry, but we were able to nurse them along through the early stages of growth with a little timely irrigation.  We’ll harvest them perhaps a little smaller then hoped but we’re sure happy to have them for you!

Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say this Fall we will not have broccoli for the CSA.  We had two plantings and both fell victim to a fungal disease as they started to head up.  The first time this has happened to us and it caught me by surprise.  Looking back at pictures of our Fall broccoli from past years reminds me that we can grow some great broccoli here and motivates me to get it right next year!  Luckily and at the same time very strange… our broccolini is doing quite well planted only 20 yards away from the broccoli.  We will continue to have it available on the choice table.

This weekend Pappy wrapped up a very successful honey harvest.  In total, 1004 lbs of honey was bottled this year!  He is happy to also report that there will be more of the creme de la creme honey available for members this week as well.  Well done Pappy’s Bees!

The CSA share this week

Carrots – a rainbow variety

Red Beets – Detroit Dark variety introduced in 1892 and still the standard variety for home gardeners and canners

Lettuce Mix

Potatoes – good storing russet potatoes

Kale – now tickled with a frost, this kale will continue to improve in flavor!

Leeks – a hard to find 19th century French heirloom called Bleu de Solaize

and a  Huge Choice Table!