We will be picking hot peppers, tomatillos, onions and garlic for the first time this week.  Get your favorite salsa recipes out!  The heat has helped the sweet corn out but it looks like it will need a few more days past Tuesday before we can pick any.  Watching the silks turning brown to signal the corn is ready to pick has been like watching paint dry!  We had some corn in the share at this time last year, but the cooler and rainy Spring has delayed it just a bit longer then last year.  We have noticed a few heat loving crops seem to be a bit further behind then usual.  The okra and the eggplant are finally starting to show signs of good growth after just sort of hanging out for a few weeks.  The honeybees are also a bit behind schedule as well.  We have taken off the Spring honey the past couple of years on this weekend but the honey was not quite ready.  If you walk out to the hives now though you will see that they have really kicked it into high gear!  While the heat makes it a little tougher on the farmers, the veggies, flowers and bees sure do like it!

This week in the CSA share we will have:

Green Beans

Yellow Beans


White Onions

Hot Peppers ( Banana, Jalapeno, or Pablano )


Cherry Tomatoes



New Potatoes


Lots of herbs and flowers.  The basil is especially abundant currently.   The 2nd planting of cilantro can be cut but in smaller quantities.   It is further out the herb garden then the first planting.