There have been little to no signs of any trouble with animals in the field behind the electric fence all season… until now.  The raccoons and deer are telling me that the sweet corn is ready to eat.    I guess the smell of that sweet corn is too much to resist and paying the price of a little electric shock to get inside is worth the risk.  I wonder how many humans would say the same thing?!?  It’s a theoretical question though, we won’t really make you decide!   Sweet corn for everyone this week without risking electric shock  😉

The eggplant has also come on strong and we will atleast have the long, slender asian variety in the share.  There is a chance the tear drop shape traditional eggplant will also be as well.  It’s a good fruit set on the plants… Thank you honeybees!

And I am going to say that there is also the chance this will be the first week we will have slicing tomatoes in the share as well.  We have been picking a few and it will be a close call whether we have enough.  If we do, it will probably only be 1 per member.  But there is nothing like that first tomato of the season!

The share this week will include:

Yellow String Beans

Sweet Corn

Cherry Tomatoes –  it’s looking like a strong harvest

Sweet Peppers / Hot Peppers






Maybe a Slicing Tomato?

Lots of basil out there and we’ll be sampling Conebella Farms fresh mozzarella!