The summer veggies are really starting to roll in now with this heat wave.  It can feel a bit overwhelming at times.  Just keeping up with the daily harvest takes a few hours!  With all the harvesting going on the share size can also start to get a little overwhelming too for some members.  So make sure to not overwhelm yourself and just pack your bags with what you will need this week.  Consider also that some of the veggies like beans and corn can be froze for use over the winter.  Sweet corn in January is a nice treat!

The CSA share this week:

Tomatillos – salsa time!

Garlic – fully cured bulbs that will store well, they will be included in the share a few times and will also be available for purchase

Peppers – Hot and Sweet  The fruit set is very strong this year!

Summer Squash / Zucchini – our yellow summer squash and patty pan are now ready to harvest.  yikes!  we still have zucchini rolling in by the crate full!

Tomatoes – more and more each week!

Sweet Corn – Yellow/White  maybe a choice between the two this week

Beans – Yellow or Green  a fantastic bean yield this year.  The first crop is winding down.  We have two different varieties that will be picking about a month or so from now

Eggplant – looking like a much better year then last year for the eggplant

Scallions will round out the share this week.

We will once again have quite a few other veggies available for purchase.

We will also have some new items in our fridge available to purchase as well.  We are going to have a few different varieties of juice from Natalies

We have been drinking these ourselves and in this heat wave they are very refreshing. Let us know what you think!  We are just “trialing” them to start and gauge member interest.