Hi Everyone! We made it past the Blue Moon (old wives tale- more babies are born around a full moon) but I don’t plan on keeping this lil guy in til the next full moon comes around. Last night Greg and I enjoyed some sweet corn from the garden. Some cobs were immature still and some just look like they did not fully develop the entire length of the cob- either way we still enjoyed them. I asked my Dad (he’s a dairy farmer in Centre County) what’s the explanation for the underdeveloped cobs- he said it’s likely that the corn was trying to pollinate during high temps. And well for the immature cobs- it’s a little bit of a guessing game when you pull them off the cornstalk.

The real reason you are seeing a post today is I wanted to get some recipes up before things get a little crazier. Every week I’ve been shredding all the squash we have (with a food processor makes for quick work) and storing in the fridge in a glass bowl with a lid. It keeps very well- perhaps dries out a little but that’s fixed by adding some water. During the week I use the shredded veggie in sweet and savory dishes; chocolate zucchini bread and zucchini onion pie. You can freeze the shredded zucchini in a ziploc bag but I’ve been baking the bread and freezing whole loaves.

I’m going to make this post a little more interactive… I’m looking for a recipe for a rustic eggplant parm dish. I have a mental picture of cubes of hearty bread with tomato and eggplant chunks with browned mozzarella with flecks of green basil.

We have found that the comment functionality of the page is not working—attempting to get that resolved, will let you know when it’s fixed. So please email any leads to our email terrafaunafarmpa@gmail.com.

Have a great weekend and holiday!!!