According to the forecast for this week, we are going to have to dodge a lot of rain to get any work done.  Of course we had a very busy week of planting on the schedule too.  Winter Squash, dry beans, sweet potatoes, strawberries, parsnips and a few others were all going to be planted over the next few days.  Looks like we better find some other things to do! 

I am so glad the strawberries ripened up early this year.  I think we will still have a pretty good 3rd week of them despite this cool and damp weather.  The warm start to the season seemed to be enough to get them through.

The share for week 3 will look about like this for a whole share

2 qt Strawberries

1 bag Lettuce Mix

1 bag Spinach

2-4 Kohlrabi

1 bunch of Kale

10- 12 Japanese Turnips

1-2 heads Yokatta Na

1 lb Rhubarb

1 head of Lettuce

Garlic Scapes

We included rhubarb in this share again because it matches well with strawberries.  In case you are wondering what to do with it,  head on over to our TFF community page on Facebook and check out the recipe for a rhubarb cake we tried a couple weeks ago.

Two new items in the share this week are the garlic scapes and the kohlrabi.  The garlic scapes are used like you would a scallion.  The scape is the flower of the garlic plant and we harvest these off the plants so the bulbs grow bigger.

Kohlrabi is a very strange looking vegetable that might not be very familiar to our new members.  It is quite versatile in how it can be used.  Another place to look for recipe ideas we have used in the past is under the updates tab on our homepage at

The head lettuce we will include this week is called Webb’s Wonderful. Oddly enough, I chose to grow this variety for the first time this year because it is supposed to hold up well in the heat and not turn bitter. We have a couple of successions planted so we will find out soon enough I hope.  We do want some heat eventually for the summer crops!

The beet greens are nice and big but the beets themselves need another week to grow.

We are starting to see some flowers in the flower garden!  Members might be able to pick a small bouquet this week!  We will also have lots of herbs again too.